Serial killer speed dating...Escape Room Edition

Click image for tickets.

Click image for tickets.

Oh what a lovely day.

We all survive 2016? Good.

The new year brings a new twist to "Serial Killer Speed Dating", as we're teaming up with The Bunker Experience in Pasadena every Friday in February. 

Speed date with like-minded singles in the dystopian future deep in underground Old Pasadena. The evening starts with speed dating, where you'll all be given clues as to how to survive the night, before being ushered into The Bunker Experience's outstanding escape room and haunted maze. This one's a doozy, people. It has a 20% success rate. Good luck. 

For those fortuitous enough to survive the room you are invited across the street to The Speakeasy, a hidden bar, where they're offering you a 30% discount on drinks.


Come one, come all. Find romance, survive an escape room, and have a blast in the new year.

Tickets $39.95 (includes speed dating + escape room + discounted drinks afterwards)

When:  8 pm every Friday in February
Where: The Bunker Escape Room, 20 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103


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Yet another satisfied dater after a fun night of romance.

Yet another satisfied dater after a fun night of romance.