Serial Killer Speed Dating is speed dating meets murder mystery theater. Real dating, yes, but also acting and theatrics in a lively setting.

Hosted by Abel Horwitz, SKSD debuted at Scare Los Angeles in August 2015. 

THIS IS SPEED DATING. You will have 5 minutes to sit across wonderful singles. But hidden among the daters might be a few people who are just dying to meet you.

Come one, come all. A fun new twist to speed dating.



Serial Killer Speed Dating Tickles Your Sinuses on April 13th For Their Spring Fever Dating Event


Los Angeles, CA - February 29th - Like the Easter Bunny and wearing shorts to the office, Serial Killer Speed Dating returns this spring to connect lovelorn singles. On April 13th from 8 - 10 pm at BarFoodLA (12217 Wilshire Blvd.) Serial Killer Speed Dating will host the Spring Fever edition of their romantic soiree. Serial Killer Speed Dating brings a cream-filled egg full of humor, horror and romance to Los Angeles’ next-to-impossible dating scene.


Originally conceived for the ScareLA horror convention in August 2015, Serial Killer Speed Dating is actual speed dating, in which prospective daters will have five minutes to sit across from each other and connect.


However, hidden among the daters will be a few “serial killers" just “dying” to meet them. It is up to the daters to determine if they are sitting across from a potential match…or a murderer!


Throughout the evening the serial killers will try their best to tamp down their primal urges to kill, while also keeping their eyes on their favorite singles. It all builds up to a satisfying climax in which daters try to guess the serial killers in the crowd for the chance of some truly terrible prizes. So bring your charm and your smarts…you’ll probably be sized up by someone who wants to wear your face as a mask.

For their spring event, Serial Killer Speed Dating is stirring up all sorts of allergens and pollen into the air. “The show just keeps getting better,” says Abel Horwitz, creator of Serial Killer Speed Dating, “after selling out our Valentine’s Day show our killers couldn’t wait to come out and play again.”


Horwitz and his performers (who remain secret, as they will be interacting with the daters) have noted that the mystery of a potential killer sitting across from you brings a unique edge to each date.


“Part of the appeal of speed dating is that you get a face-to-face date,” continues Horwitz. “The twist that it might be a killer sitting across from you gives it just a little bit of spice.”


“If anything,” says Horwitz, “it’s an icebreaker. Even if you don’t know what to talk about you can start with, ‘I’m not a serial killer!’ It’s an excellent conversation starter.”

And while there is no shortage of options when it comes to dating, Horwitz maintains that nothing compares to meeting a potential lover in the flesh.

“We’ve made some pretty wonderful connections so far,” says Horwitz, “and here’s hoping the spring air stimulates more than your sinuses.”


So hop quick like a bunny and head to BarFoodLA on April 13th. Chocolate eggs for all. Some might be filled with poison. Good luck!




Serial Killer Speed Dating will be held Wednesday, April 13th, 8 - 10 pm at BarFoodLA 12217 Wilshire Blvd. Tickets are $20 + $10 minimum at bar (so buy a drink!) and must be purchased online prior to the evening at


Please note: Guests and friends of daters are welcome to observe, but must adhere to the $10 bar minimum. 


Abel Horwitz can be reached at